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Burglary and robbery charges are difficult because the law views them as pre-meditated acts – that is, acts which required extensive planning and forethought.

Burglary may encompass a broad range of crimes, including: breaking into and entering a residence, commercial property, or other site, robbery with a weapon and theft.

The majority of cases with charges of burglary result in jail time.

Charges of theft, robbery, and burglary vary in scale of severity and, therefore, in sentencing. Sentences are tough for these crimes, and depending on circumstances may be charged as felonies. This means that, if you're convicted, your employment prospects, opportunities for public services and eligibility for certain kinds of loans will be compromised.

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The crime of theft is defined as the unlawful taking of someone else's property. When the property taken is valued at more than $950, the theft is considered the California crime of grand theft.

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