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Expungement involves the destruction or sealing of a criminal record after the expiration of a certain time period or when an arrest is unlawful or does not result in a conviction. Initiated through a court process, the result of expungement is that a person's criminal history is, for most purposes, erased.

The benefits from an expungement can be numerous. When seeking a job, housing, or a professional license, an applicant who has his or her criminal record sealed or destroyed can, in some states, legally assert that he or she has no criminal history. Generally, if a record has been expunged, a background search by an employer, educational institution, or a government agency of an individual's public records will not reveal a conviction or arrest. Expungement or sealing of a record is becoming increasingly important in the internet-age, given the ease of access to public information.

With 80% of employers performing background checks on applicants or employees, clearing your criminal record is a great investment in your future.

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